Psyche-Education Pt. III

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With the Rare Method we begin this process by reconnecting to our bodily sensations. When our nervous system responds to stimulus, sensation points us to our triggers, our survival tactics and our patterns. Sensation is the tell to our unprocessed fears and held emotions. If you feel it, you can heal it. By settling into the sensations of the body, we can begin to understand and audit the emotional associations held in the body and the subconscious mind and the belief patterns formed as a result. When we uncover associated memory – whether visual or sensed, we can begin to acknowledge and decommission unprocessed emotions and energy. Creating an opening to understand what our true needs and desires are, in the moment and in life. Recalibration of emotional and energetic states is the encouragement to encounter the felt memory and recognize what you needed to feel safe and truly successful. Working subconsciously in meditation and consciously with physical movement and restorative practices, we can embrace our needs and expel emotional energy that has accumulated in our systems. Shoring up space and stimulating new emotional association for moving forward. 

We call this Rare Method because the process returns us to the rare and raw self we were before beliefs were imprinted upon us and for the access it provides to return you to your unique and authentic existence.