Make moves beyond the mat. 

Now that you’ve taken a moment to regulate your nervous system and quiet your thinking mind, you’re (In-Sourced) more attuned with yourself and equipped to not only see your patterns, but to attend to the deeper psychic roots. 

Patterns are cyclical by definition. By identifying our repeating behaviours, and the associated circumstances, we can work backwards to understand how our actions are unconsciously imprinting beliefs on the subconscious mind, and how our subconscious mind seeks efficiency by finding familiar circumstances to reinforce this belief. Attracting recurring patterns and manifesting similar outcomes over and over again.

Because the mind latches onto memory, it watches for patterns and circumstances to attach to. This is an efficient strategy because the mind can rely on existing neural pathways to guide a fast course of action. Even if the course of action is painful, simply administering a solution can trigger a sense of success. With repeated use, neural pathways are strengthened and patterns and beliefs are deeply perpetuated and more frequently visited.

We want to isolate the old belief by way of exposing its affiliated pattern or action. From there we can construct a replacement belief and action that can be embodied and practiced in real life. The new embodied action trains the brain to form a new neural network. Repetition strengthens it until it becomes the new way of doing and attracting. 

Use the journal prompts below to work through your behavior, beliefs, new messaging to chart a neural path forward. 

  • What have I been doing (or not doing) to keep myself safe?
  • How is this pattern of behavior manifesting in my life?
  • What does this behavior or pattern tell me on a subconscious level? 
  • What is a new belief I want to connect to?
  • What are small behaviours/actions/changes I can make to embrace and enforce this new belief?
  • How does the possibility of this new belief & behavior feel in my body?

ACTION: Take a moment to interact with the feeling of this new belief. Let it saturate your insides and existence so your brain can familiarize this new feeling. Giving it a new default to come back to in your day-to-day. Eventually forming new neural pathways and a new belief pattern.

A “Trajectory Statement” is a single and simple sentence that you can easily remember and say to yourself or out loud when faced with the potential of repeating a pattern or getting stalled out in an old belief. It can be framed as an affirmation “I am” statement. Or, an internal command mobilizing you to make a different decision or take action.

To learn more and read my own personal example, head onto the next section.